PEM- 9000 Frequency Oscillator


The frequency oscillator has a variable duty cycle control which allows you to select duty cycle ranges from 2% to 98%. Once selected, the duty cycle automatically tracks any frequency change without the need for manual intervention. This is achieved with a state of the art circuit board which automatically adjusts the duty cycle as frequencies change. The frequency oscillator also features a variable pulse rate control. With the the high voltage plugs recessed for added safety and fan cooled to ensure cool running for extended period of use.

  • Pulse width duty cycle selection 2% to 98%
  • Pulsed or continuous frequencies with manual switching
  • Adjustable pulse rate selection with control knob
  • Recommended frequency range 10 Hz to 12,000 Hz
  • Fan cooled - Short Circuit Protected

PEM-9000 Frequency Generator


The frequency generator is an F125 and can be programmed manually or with a personal computer (PC), as well as store up to 1800 individual frequency program files. It comes with an AC adapter for ease of programming from a PC.

  • Standalone DDS square wave frequency generation
  • Store up to 1800 individual frequency program files
  • MS-Windows and Mac OS X F100 3.0 software
  • Run frequencies from 0 HZ to 1.5 MHZ
  • Amplified output short circuit protected

PEM-9000 Plasma Bulb


The PEM Plasma Bulbs are all hand crafted, and blown from the finest glass, pressurised with the perfect amount of noble gas. We are using insulated cables to avoid cross-talk between the positve and negative leads. The bulbs come with a plastic light stand that fits around the Frequency Oscillator's fan for storage.

  • Superior Glass
  • Pressurised with noble gas
  • Fully insulated cables
  • Comes with stand


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Mary, PEM - Owner

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T.M.,PEM - Owner