PEM - 9000 Technology


Our Plasma Emission Machine (PEM) uses a state of the art frequency oscillator, a square wave frequency generator and a beautifully crafted plasma tube.

The frequency oscillator has a variable duty cycle control which allows you to select duty cycle ranges from 2% to 98%. Once selected, the duty cycle automatically tracks any frequency change without the need for manual intervention. This is achieved with a state of the art circuit board which automatically adjusts the duty cycle as frequencies change.


Below are some links to find research on Rife History and frequencies.

Resonant Plasma Emissions

Our PEM - 9000 uses plasma emissions to carry resonant audio wave frequencies through the air. The frequency generator is used to program specific frequencies that target the cells of specific pathogens.

The "resonant" audio frequencies are carried through the air (transmitted) much like radio frequencies are transmitted by a antenna. Radio waves are transmitted from one antenna to another antenna that receives the wave. An radio wave usually has 2 parts: one is the carrier wave, and the other is the actual audio-range frequency being transmitted. The Plasma Emission Machine's technology is using the plasma emission as a carrier for the audio frequencies, much like how a laser light can be used to transmit radio signals.

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